South Woodford is in the top five nationally for insurance claims due to burglaries, according to research.

Online price comparison site Money Supermarket said it analysed 3.1million home insurance quotes submitted last year.

The E18 postcode, which covers South Woodford, had the fifth highest number of claims, with 48.2 per 1000 people.

The IG8 postcode, which includes homes in Woodford Green and Woodford Bridge, had the 14th highest number, with 42.5 claims per 1000 people.

Money Supermarket’s Kevin Pratt said: “It is London that dominates the top 20 rankings.

“But just because somewhere is named a claim hotspot, it doesn’t actually mean the area in question is not a nice place to live.

“Thieves often target areas with wealthy residents and desirable properties where the rewards are potentially greater or quieter areas where they think there is less risk of being caught red-handed.”