Video footage of a driver coming within inches of knocking a cyclist off his bike has led to a police pledge to punish for careless driving.

The woman behind the wheel of the black BMW shot out onto the roundabout at the top of Whipps Cross Road in Walthamstow, straight into the path of a cyclist, yesterday afternoon.

Dave Sherry, 37, who is also a London bus driver, began recording his bike journeys using a camera in his helmet two years ago.

The father-of-five said he has no doubt he would have been killed if the car had hit him on his way to work.




He said: “She came up really fast and I started braking, she didn’t look right once, I don’t know what planet she was on.

“I would be brown bread if she hit me. I sounded my horn for three or four seconds, which is a truck horn, louder than a car, and she just carried on.”

Mr Sherry who cycles through Waltham Forest every day says Whipps Cross roundabout is ‘seriously’ dangerous for cyclists and drivers.

“It’s mayhem at that roundabout. There’s always an accident there, you sit in the 56 bus stop and listen all you can hear is bibbing, screeching and shouting.

“I received an email from the police this morning saying they were sending the driver an intention to prosecute – she could get three to six points on her licence.

“The video shows how carless she was.”

Mr Sherry uses his YouTube channel to upload videos of near-misses while out and about on his bike in the capital and Essex.

Whipps Cross Roundabout and Lea Bridge Road are included in the areas set for improvement under the £30m mini Holland scheme, which is being funded by Transport for London.