MP Stella Creasy handed out awards to businesses voted the best and worst operators in Walthamstow’s thriving property market.

Over the last six months the Labour MP has been asking constituents to vote on the conduct of estate agents, letting agents, social housing providers and property managers.

On Saturday Ms Creasy and supporters visited Hoe Street, a road notorious for having the most estate agents per square mile, to hand out the awards.

Stow Brothers was voted the best overall estate and letting agent, while Central Estates was voted the worst.

Ascham Homes was chosen as the social housing provider with most room for improvement and Freehold Managers Plc scooped the MP’s special prize for ‘outrageous behaviour’ over a terrorism charge added to insurance policies for people living in Warner properties.

Speaking after Saturday’s event, Miss Creasy said: “It was very powerful.

“There were people in tears after hearing the stories from people who are in the most awful situations.

“A common theme I noticed was people being afraid to complain because they are scared they will be evicted.

“We were given complaints about people who were played off against each other, double charging and being pressured or told to up offers. People don’t want to pay for a service which is ripping them off.

“We had around 200 people take part in the process and their nominations were verified by people in my office.

“We had the most complaints about Central Estates.

“The campaigners hope to do this again next year. If people don’t make improvements, they will be held to account.”

Kurt Schramm, a director of Central Estates, said the process was unfair.

He said: “Stow Brothers have been around for six months. They have a one per cent market share.

“We have 32 per cent market share because we work hard and we are good at what we do.

“We have built this business over years of hard work and that is why people come back to us.

“Two hundred votes over six months is not reflective of what is happening in Walthamstow. How many of those 200 voted for us?

"We have asked for that figure and it has not been provided.

“It is highly unfair.”

Central Estates claims Miss Creasy asked them to lead the way on cutting administration fees, even though they charge what they describe as a middle of the road amount.

A spokesman for Ascham Homes, which manages properties on behalf of the council, said they were surprised to win the award, but recognise they could improve some areas.

The Guardian has contacted Freehold Managers for a response.