Essex Police is investigating 30 cases of alleged child abuse, the force revealed today.

One detective has been suspended and 11 detectives have been placed on restricted duties.

The Chief Constable of Essex Police Stephen Kavanagh apologised to the families of those involved with most of the investigations relating to the work of the child abuse investigation team in the north of the county.

Essex Police announced a recovery plan which included an experienced senior retired detective being brought in from outside to review the live investigation.

They also confirmed new officers have taken over all those investigations which have "caused concern", introduced a more "consistent" review policy and new monitoring systems are in place to make sure officers aren't over stretched.

Chief Constable of Essex Police Stephen Kavanagh said: “I was very disappointed to learn of this and I am now determined that we find out exactly what has happened and to rectify things quickly, not least for the victims.”

“The force is working hard to put in place new systems to stop this from happening again.

“If individuals have failed in their duties then they will be held to account, but we will also look at all possible aspects of why this has happened.

"We have contacted the families of those involved in these investigations to let them know what is happening and apologise for the undoubted distress this has caused them."

”If any victims or families are worried about child abuse investigations by Essex Police I would urge them to call our special helpline number on 01245 282103."