2015 sees the much anticipated follow up (StaggeR .0) which follows on from Paul's 2010 film Stagger. Jake played by (Paul Easter) Mad-Larry played by (James Fisher) and Mr. Brick played by (James Ford) and a few of his remaining crew.This will in fact be my 10th UK film release with my film (Black Shuck) based on the Black dog of Bungay a zero budget film being by far my most successful and controversial film to date. Here is a little intro to the new movie. Jake and Chris identical twin brothers in crime join forces again after many years. Jake is back from Australia after the death of his girlfriend Emma.. Chris must again work with his less than trustworthy Brother now sleepy Suffolk will again be thrown into mayhem.

Film Making and Acting Luck pays a incredible part in everything you will ever Succeed in as a Actor or Film Maker. As my film Black Shuck shows it was far from my first film and was in fact my 4th movie with Paul playing a major acting role. It was made purely for a DVD release.However DVD is now well and truly on the way out and has been for some time..So my focus is now on shooting films for British Television suitable for UK TV Broadcast to keep ahead of the game.This is of course unlikely to happen with Micro/Zero budget films.

( StaggeR .0 ) is in fact made with flash back sequences from the first film (Stagger) and 90% of the film is new with scenes from three movies including (Raid) 2014 and (Assignment) 2013 was a film that i was unable to complete due to lack of any budget but Assignment was also released as a 45 min DVD feature. Sadly i lost my mother on 28th Dec 2013 this affected me greatly and i was only able to release one film in 2014 ( Life Time ) which i dedicated to my Mother and the All Hallows Hospital Ditchingham who helped to care for Mum making her remaining time as comfortable as possible.

This was a very distressing time for all the family members.

Mum always believed in me and my acting and film making dreams! It has taken me well over a year to feel anything like able to shoot a film on this scale. Now I'm going to try and make the film i always had in mind and wanted to shoot. If anyone would like to get involved with the project or can offer local locations for filming please contact Paul. on 07833 583869 or email him to filmeastsuffolk@gmail.com Based on information supplied by paul easter.