COUNTER-terrorism raids have once more hit Waltham Forest.

A 27-year-old man was arrested in Walthamstow on Tuesday in connection with the alleged plot to blow up aeroplanes, which led to a series of raids across the borough on August 10 last year.

Police are questioning him at a central London police station on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

At around 6am police counter-terrorism officers raided a house and arrested the man, who remains in custody.

Police would not confirm if the house was the man's home but said it was a residential address.

Officers continue to search the property.

Another Walthamstow home has been searched by police.

A spokesman from Scotland Yard confirmed the man was arrested in connection with the ongoing counter-terrorism investigation which started last August.

So far nine people from the borough have been charged under the Terrorism Act.

A source close to the man's family said the 27-year-old was known to be friends with some of those who were charged, and had visited them in prison several times.

"He is known in the community as an OK guy," the source said.

Deputy Borough Commander Det Supt Paul Rickett said that he was aware that a counter-terror operation had taken place in Waltham Forest.

He added: "We always work closely with partners in the local community to reassure residents and minimise the impact that these types of operations have on the borough. We continue to do so."

Council leader Clyde Loakes said he was aware of the arrest.

"The council and its partners are working very closely with the police to reassure the community and manage the impact of this incident," he added.