Mysterious messages have been appearing on benches throughout Leytonstone.

A plaque on a bench in Church Lane now reads “Sit on me. I bet you haven’t felt this much wood since Church.”

Another in High Road outside an off-licence has a mock council message which reads: "Designated alcohol research bench. Waltham forest council."

Staff at Artistry hair salon, in Church Lane, said they were shocked by the message on the bench close to Saint John the Baptist Church.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Mock council notice outside off-license

Carole Edrich, 40, from Wanstead, burst out laughing after the message was pointed out to her by The Guardian.

She said: “I think it is brilliant. I’m sorry if it used to be a memorial bench- but it is funny.”

Lady Catherine, a Christian who works in Wild Goose coffee shop in High Road, was not impressed by the message.

She said: “It is awkward. It is like an innuendo but with lewd anti-religious connotations, theres a lot going on.

“I’m not offended but I wouldn’t want to have to explain it to children and it is a family area.”

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Message outside St John the Baptist church

The Vicar of Saint John the Baptist Church, David Britton, said: "I only noticed it walking past a couple of weeks ago.

"I have no idea who put it up."

"I'm not quite sure what is meant by the message but I suppose the plaque is not a ringing endorsement for church pews. 

"My hope and prayer is that for whoever wrote the plaque, the next time they are in church they would feel a sense of God's presence and his love rather just the hard wood of their seat."

The person who is putting up the signs is believed to be local to Leytonstone but has yet to come forward.