There are fears 1,500 social housing tenants in Waltham Forest will lose their say in how estates are run when a new landlord takes control in a "hostile takeover".

Community-Based Housing Association (CBHA) has run estates in Chingford Hall, Cathall in Leytonstone, Boundary Road in Walthamstow and Oliver Close in Leyton for 20 years as a subsidiary of the Peabody Trust, which manages 27,000 homes in London.

But the trust has announced a proposal to take on full responsibilities as landlord as part of a restructuring, leaving the future of CBHA, and its tenants-led board, in doubt.

The trust insists services provided by CBHA will not be at risk, but tenants and former CBHA board members warn important representation and accountability will be removed. 

A campaign has been launched against the move by Peabody, with 500 people signing a petition against the plans. 

Attempts by the trust to consult with estate tenants in the last seven days have been disrupted by protests.  

Peter Westley is a former CBHA board member and lives in Burnside Avenue, Chingford.

He said:  "I have just received a letter from Peabody saying that they are preparing to take over my home and those of all my neighbours.

"Since 1996 we have been tenants of the CBHA which is controlled and managed by elected tenant board members and Peabody wants to destroy it.

"With Peabody named as our landlord, the tenant control of the CBHA will end.

“We see this as a cost cutting exercise where CBHA will vanish and our services will suffer.

"We do not trust them. A year on from now the offices could go and by then it will too late because they have already swallowed us up."

Debbie Griggs is a tenant in Leyton and a former CBHA chair.

She said: “The CBHA is a well-run association which continues to outperform Peabody.

“This will take away our voice. As tenants if we are not happy with something, we can change it.

“We are like one big family that Peabody has not been able to get a hold on, until now.

“This is a hostile takeover by Peabody as they know we do not want this.

“If it weren’t for us kicking up a storm, these roadshows would not have existed.”

CBHA board member, Cathall ward councillor and Waltham Forest mayor, Terry Wheeler, visited the Oliver Road estate on Saturday, where he posed for a picture with Leyton MP John Cryer and protestors.

A spokesman for Peabody, said: "Our proposals mean a change of name and CBHA will not continue to have its own board.

"The Peabody Board will merge the three landlord functions of the Peabody Group – CBHA, Gallions and Peabody into one.  

"Our proposal to simplify our group structure will allow us to focus on delivering our key priorities: delivering great resident services, good-quality homes and community investment activities.

"We will protect frontline services and increase investment in Waltham Forest, including doubling the community investment budget. We’ll also maintain all local offices and set up new scrutiny arrangements so residents will continue to have a say in matters affecting them."

Mr Wheeler has been contacted for a comment. 

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Letter outlining proposals from Peabody Trust to tenants last month