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A biker was thrown 20ft from his motorcycle following a collision with a car in Hoe Street, Walthamstow, this morning, according to eye witnesses.

ThEmergency services were called to the scene at 10.15am following the collision between between a bike and a BMW outside Spencers Property.

Police have confirmed a man who was riding a motorcycle is in a ‘serious but stable’ condition in hospital.

Engineer Asif Salahuddin, 39, was one of the first people at the scene of the accident.

“The motorcyclist was on the floor, about 20 ft away from his bike,” he said.

“His helmet was badly damaged but it looks like it saved his life. He landed in a clear space.

“The emergency services talked me through it on the phone. He was talking; he said he was having difficulty breathing.

“There were a few guys around at that point and we were told to keep him still until the ambulance arrived.”

A black BMW estate involved in the crash was damaged on one side and airbags were activated during the collision.

It is not known if the driver sustained any injuries.

Mr Salahuddin, who lives nearby, said vehicles accessing alleyways behind the shops on Hoe Street can often cause confusion, near misses and accidents.

“It looked like the car was trying to turn into the alleyway when it happened but I didn’t see the actual crash,” he added.

“I couldn’t say who caused the crash.

“It is a really dangerous spot there.

“I really hope he is ok.”