The Guardian has asked each parliamentary candidate to list five reasons why they should become an MP at the General Election on May 7.

Here the Class War candidate for Chingford and Woodford Green, Lisa McKenzie, explains why you should vote for her.

1. I talk about class politics - I am a working class woman and I am proud to say that. I don’t use the terms 'working' people, 'hard working families'. I talk about class inequality and how the structured class system benefits some with unfair advantages, and at the same time it unfairly disadvantages others.

I do not believe in social mobility which is essentially cherry picking individuals and allowing them into the middle class from the working class. I want the living standards of all working class people to rise together.

2. I want to abolish ALL private education - The two tier system we have is unfair and does not and is not based on any type of meritocracy, it is about financial resources rather than talent.

Anyone who truly believes in a democracy in fairness and social justice knows that the private education system is deeply flawed and unfair. Private schools are treated as 'charities' and those who pay for their children to attend can claim tax incentives for doing so. There is nothing just about this system-it has to go immediately

I hate racism and I hate the right wing- I hate how migrant people in our country are being spoken about and treated. My own family is a mixed-family and I have benefited from a beautiful and diverse family. Consequently I stand in absolute opposition to UKIP and the Labour and Conservatives policies and standpoints on immigration.

Council housing- It is one of Britain's proudest moments when we recognised that housing was a human right and people need homes. We built hundreds of thousands of publicly owned homes so working class people could live in safety and dignity. Our greatest shame was the Thatcher Government's ‘Right to buy’ policy which has essentially sold off (cheaply) public housing and put it into the hands of buy to let landlords.

Protecting the NHS - I imagine all candidates will say this is what makes us British and proud. I suspect that all candidates do not understand it in the same way. For me, our NHS is symbol of our recognition to social justice, I am absolutely against any type of private enterprise within it.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Lisa McKenzie being arrested at a poor doors protest in Commercial Street on April 2