A multi-talented artist, who has collaborated with some the world's most celebrated pop stars, is bringing a taste of Chingford and female 'lunacy' to the stage in her debut play. 

Alexis Strum, 37, of Gordon Road in Chingford, spent several years working as a songwriter for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Rachel Stevens, and worked with Robbie Williams on a Rufus Wainwright song. 

The Kylie track 'Still Standing' featured on the Australian singer's ninth studio album 'Body Language', released in 2003.  

But since the beginning, the mother-of-one said she has always had a natural flair for comedy and was inspired to write and produce her latest play after watching reality shows and engaging in a simple conversation with a friend. 

'Always the Bride', starts on June 24 at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, and is about a group of suburban women who all suffer from "post wedding-day comedown" and meet in private to wear their wedding dresses and re-live their big day. 

Mrs Strum had in mind her parent's house, a mock Tudor home in Chingford, when she was setting the scene for her play, which she describes as "Homeland meets Loose Women". 

She said: "I love reality shows about women behaving badly especially about how crazy they go when they get married.

"Women go from the nicest people in the world to complete lunatics, and no-one has written about it. 

"I remember talking to a friend about my wedding dress, how it is the most expensive dress I have ever bought and I can never wear it again. 

"So we both suggested meeting up, getting a bottle of wine and putting on our dresses."

As a writer, she feels she has a "responsibility" to create strong, lead female roles and this play features six lead female characters and one male - who plays both a husband and father of a bride. 

Educated at Longshaw Primary School in Longshaw Road, Chingford, and Bancroft's School in Woodford Green, the 37-year-old says her whole life has revolved around Chingford and its natural beauty.  

"I love Epping Forest, particularly what I call the sausage hut (Tea Hut)," she continued. 

"I walk my dog through there and go there to sit and write. It's been very influential, even towards this play. 

"My favourite haunts are Butler's Retreat, The Royal Forest and Queen Elizabeth pub - my whole life has revolved around these places."    

All profits from the play will be donated to Samaritans Waltham Forest where her mother works as a Samaritan. 

Reflecting on past successes, she feels "very proud" to have produced a soundtrack for Channel 4's The Inbetweeners which she created in a studio at her Chingford home. 

At the height of her career as a song writer and singer, she was signed by label's Universal Music, Ministry of Sound, Sony and Warner Bros and mixed with the likes of Razorlight and The Ting Tings.  

The oddball comedy runs from June 24 to 27 with performances at 7.45pm and a matinee on June 27 at 2.45pm. 

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The female cast of 'Always the Bride' written and produced by Alexis Strum (credit: Alyse Marks Photography) 

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