Transport for London (TfL) have refused to comment on a major blow to their plans for a new car park on green belt land.

Despite repeated requests, a TfL spokeswoman said there was no comment on the news that it will be forced to apply for planning permission to build a new 80-space car park to the east of Theydon Bois Underground station.

On Wednesday (August 5), Theydon Bois Action Group (TBAG) chairman Dr John Warren said the group was “delighted” that TfL will have to make a full planning application for the car park, which has been repeatedly opposed over widespread concerns, including a possible negative impact on the green belt.

Chair of the London Assembly's environment committee, Green party member Darren Johnson, has previously opposed TfL’s attempts to build the car park.

Yesterday he said: “I am delighted that Theydon Bois residents have seen off TfL’s attempt to impose an 80-space car park on green belt land without seeking planning permission in the proper way.

“This car park would have impacted negatively on the local community by worsening congestion and air pollution and threatening wildlife.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

London Assembly member Darren Johnson has opposed TfL over the car park

“Instead of rushing to build new car parks where people don’t want them and then wasting public money on legal bills when they are thwarted, TfL should be bringing forward schemes that will make local areas better, such as improved bus and cycle links to stations.”

Following a judicial review by Dr Warren, TfL will now have to pay court costs for TBAG and Epping Forest District Council.

The transport authority had previously been accused of acting “undemocratically” by not making a standard planning application, therefore avoiding full consultation of the public and relevant departments.

A statement from the district council said: “Whilst the council’s view was that a planning application was not required, the manner in which the case was settled is a good result for everyone.

“Should TfL make a planning application in the future they and local residents will be able to make their arguments in a transparent and public manner.”