A scout hall still under construction has suffered a second break-in within a month, with leaders bemoaning the “personal greed” of the burglars.

Overnight on August 8, thieves broke in and stole tools worth £25,000 from the new scout hall on the corner of Hollybush Hill, Snaresbrook, and High Street, Wanstead.

Now Paul Plane, chairman of Epping Forest South District Scout Council, has expressed his anger as the hall succumbed to a second burglary during the night on August 28.

Work to demolish the building started in April this year and the brand new hall was set to open on August 31.

The completion of the £300,000 project was delayed until September 18 but now this could be further put back due to the second break-in.

The thieves gained access to the hall by ripping the fire exit door away from the building.

They then smashed open two heavy metal security bins in which the tools were locked and made their escape.

Mr Plane believes it is the same criminals from the first break-in, who waited for tools to be replaced before steal the replacements just 20 days later.

He said: “It is barely believable that this has happened again and we are struggling to understand what sort of people put their own personal greed before a community-based project such as this.

“Unfortunately neither the scouts nor the people undertaking this work on their behalf have much money and the two burglaries are simply increasing our costs beyond what we can afford.

“Once again, personal tools have been stolen and this affects the livelihood of the people concerned.

“The way that they broke in and the demolition of the metal security cabinets must have made some considerable noise.

“In addition their escape may have attracted somebody's attention."

If you saw or heard something between 8pm on Friday (August 28) and 7am Saturday morning contact police on 020 8345 2650 using Crime Reference Number 4414530/15.