Neighbours are objecting to the new‘freight train’ like noise created by Victoria line trains running under their homes.

The increased noise is affecting houses on Mansfield and Erskine Road in Walthamstow which Transport for London (TfL) say are above the point where a new track was installed during vital refurbishment works completed on Saturday (August 29).

Early indications from TfL are that tube trains crossing on to the old track is causing the increased disruption that has been giving residents sleepless nights.

Cathy Johnson, who has lived in her house for 64 years, claims the noise is louder now than when construction started on the Victoria line in 1969.

“I feel worn out", the 86-year-old said.

“I am woken up at five in the morning and then can’t get back to sleep again. I don’t need an alarm anymore.

“I sleep upstairs but it makes no difference they go past every three minutes.

“It is worse now than when they were actually digging the tunnels years ago."

Joe Fuentes, 38, of Mansfield Road said he was concerned about possible damage being caused to his house.

He said: “We have a baby who fortunately doesn’t wake up from it.

“But it sounds like a freight train going past the house.

“If I was the owner of the house I would be a bit perturbed by the damage it could be doing to the structure of the homes. You can feel the vibrations and hear the noise resonating everywhere.”

Neighbour Mark Delara, 47, said: “My partner can hear it but I can’t, I must be getting old.

“Do people want the best service in London or do they want to wait 10 minutes for the tube like they do on other lines.

“We are British and we do love complaining. Why not ban cars aswell? They make noise."

A resident of Mansfield Road, who did not want to be named, claims TfL engineers had recorded noise readings of 47 decibels at her property.

She said: “It is madness. You can hear every crank, every wheel like it is going over bumps.

“We are really concerned now for the all night services, it could mean being woken up every five minutes on Fridays and Saturdays.

“I know of at least 20 other people who are suffering with the noise, it is deafening, like you are on the platform itself.

“What makes us really angry is that we haven’t been given a timeframe for the repairs.”

George McInulty, London Underground’s director of infrastructure, apologised to Walthamstow residents and promised action following the complaints.

He said: “Our engineers have looked into this as a priority and will start renewing the track beneath their properties next week.

“I apologise to those who are being disturbed and assure them that we will do what we can to reduce noise and vibration from the trains as quickly as possible.”