A set of travellers have moved off a privately-owned plot of greenbelt land and measures have been taken to prevent them returning, the landowner has said.

Four caravans moved onto the Chepping Hall site in Sewardstone Road, Chingford, in May but over the months more arrived, and at one point there were seven caravans on-site.

The site, owned by Graeme Alexander, has been targeted by travellers on a number of occasions since the community hall and scout hall fell into disrepair and were both partially burnt down.

Mr Alexander purchased the site off of the council a decade ago in the hope of bringing the community hall back into use and by building sheltered or affordable accommodation.

But any attempts to develop it have been blocked by the council who argue there are "significant barriers" to building on Metropolitan Open Lane.

Mr Alexander described the site as a "nuisance" and said the last few months have been a "living nightmare".

He was granted a possession order last month and visited on Friday night (September 11).

The remaining three caravans and four vehicles were gone by Saturday morning.

"I didn't need the police or bailiffs in the end - I encouraged them to go," he said.

"I have a High Court order stopping anyone coming back on for a year.

"There is now a heavy duty container lock on one set of the gates and the other set are weld together.

"It is a massive relief for me and I'm absolutely ecstatic they are gone".

A trench has also been dug along the front of the site where access is gained.