Concerns have been raised over residents accessibility to rubbish bins and parking following a decision to build affordable homes on a garage site.

Two three-bedroom homes will replace a set of 20 garages situated opposite two blocks of flats in Titley Close, Chingford, after the scheme was unanimously approved by councillors last night (October 6).

Two of the affordable homes will be detached and the other semi-detached, each with their own allocated off-street parking space.

Six of the 20 garages are currently being let and the site also contains a refuse and recycling storage shed for people living in the flats opposite.

This will now be re-located 40 metres away to the west of the site.

The council-owned site is one of 30 across the borough that have been earmarked for development as part of Waltham Forest council's house building project to provide 90 new homes.

Two objections were received from residents living in front and behind the site.

Pam Hodges, 81, has lived in the block of flats since they were first built in 1965.

She said: "We've just got over two years of L&Q building 60 homes next door and now it's going to start all over again.

"I just want some peace.

"People who have not lived round here are going to move in and get a parking space when my family has had a garage for 45 years, and now we're being turfed out.

"All of the surrounding roads are chocker-block of an evening, we will have nowhere to park."

Councillor Alan Siggers called the decision a "battle between the head and heart" stating he understands the need for family homes, but adding the distance between the existing and new homes is closer than council guidelines suggest.

He added: "Do I want houses crammed in? No.

"But we have to recognise space is at a premium in this borough."

Concerns were also raised over the distance the elderly and disabled would have to travel to put out their rubbish.

Planning officers promised to solve the issue.