Staff at a primary school are being "forced" to pay up to £570 in permit costs to park near the school, according to an online petition that is calling for fairer parking.

Within 24 hours, the petition concerning The Winns Primary School in Fleeming Road, Walthamstow, has attracted over 140 signatures.

Staff rely on parking in the street as the school does not having parking facilities, but the area surrounding is to become a controlled parking zone (CPZ).

Founder of the petition, Jonathan Jones, is calling on Waltham Forest council to re-think the permit fee cost for public sector staff, and is asking the council to give parents a 20-minute window during the morning and afternoon school-run so parents can pick up their children.

He said: "We feel this is a wholly inappropriate fee to levy on workers providing an important public service.

"This is compounded further when you consider the low wages that many support staff and even teachers receive, especially compared to similar areas within London.

"There is an argument that workers should seek alternative transport options.

"In reality, this is impractical, and often more expensive, particularly in the case of public transport, where transport links in outer London boroughs are poor in comparison to central London".

The husband of a teaching assistant at the school said headteacher Paul Ryan has been in a "long-running battle" with the council over the issue for some time. 

The 63-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "All of the staff have agreed they do not mind paying a reasonable amount for a permit.   

"But charging support staff in excess of £500 and telling them only a limited number of permits will be offered is ridiculous.

"My wife will be leaving by Christmas as it is not worth the trouble. 

"The staff have worked so hard to get a good Ofsted rating and now they are all going to start drifting off."

Education staff in the borough get on average £2,000 per annum less than those teaching in inner London, as living costs are deemed lower in outer London.

Councillor Mark Rusling, responsible for education, has described the wage difference as "grossly unfair" and said the current situation makes it harder to recruit and retain staff.

The council has been contacted for a comment in response to staff permit parking.