EXTREME sports facilities at the former Walthamstow Stadium will not be delivered.

Community groups, councillors and residents urged Waltham Forest council to hold London and Quadrant to account as they came to the planning committee seeking to change their offering, last night.

When plans were passed in May 2012 the developer promised a skate park, a climbing wall and the establishment of a Community Sports Trust, six months before the first residents moved in.

Now, they have said they cannot deliver the extreme sports because of safety on site, and they will set up the trust by the time the 200th household is occupied.

The developers asked the planning committee to agree a number of changes to the section 106 agreement, signed three years ago.

Instead of the extreme sports provisions they offered £30,000 towards facilities elsewhere in the borough.

L&Q also offered more funding for highways works because of site access issues which they had not foreseen and more social homes.

In 2012 the housing provider offered 294 units with 20 per cent affordable housing – which they have now offered to up to 50 per cent.

Resident Julia Duncan said the community has been ignored.

“The Walthamstow Dog Stadium development is already far different from what was approved by the committee and Boris Johnson,” she said.

“We don’t feel the developers wanted a skate park from the beginning as the community has not been involved.

“We would like to have the facilities that were promised.”

Gail Penfold said: “Tonight is not about a dog stadium it is about what is right for local residents.

“I am extremely concerned that councillors are being asked to make a decision tonight without all the facts before them.

Ms Penfold worked out that a half-ramp in a skate park alone costs around £5,000 to £8,000 and a climbing wall, much more.

She added: “On two items alone I accounted for £23,000 out of the £30,000 Waltham Forest is being offered.”

Councillor Allan Siggers from Chingford agreed it is a “paltry sum” being offered in place of the facilities.

Councillor John Moss said: “What we have seen over the last three years is a rowing back from L&Q from a number of commitments.

“These guys talk to each other. They will know that this council will roll over and have its tummy tickled at the end of a project.”

Chingford Councillor Allan Siggers was critical, stating the “only reason” the affordable housing provision was being increased was because the house prices have shot up in the area.

Cllr Jenny Gray disagreed.

A condition was approved after being put forward by Cllr Allan Siggers, who suggested the original Section 106 report is kept exactly as it was agreed originally.

In this an agreement was made to set up a sports trust to run the leisure facility with both the council, the developer and residents involved.

The new proposals from L&Q were then unanimously agreed.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr John Moss said developers must always be made to keep promises made to the people of Waltham Forest.

He said: “The first and most important promise that L&Q made was that they would deliver the new Stadium Sports Centre, set up a Community Sports Trust to run it and pay £50,000 a year to the Council to help the Trust operate the Sports Centre in its early years.

“The Council must now, as part of any variation of the date for establishing the Trust and making those payments, ensure that L&Q are kept to their promise.”

A spokesman for London and Quadrant told the committee they cannot safely put in the climbing wall or the skate park, but that they were providing a ‘significant’ amount of green spaces and sports facilities, as well as contributing £2m to the Pool and Track development.

He said: “The idea that L&Q is not making a good enough contribution is very misled.”