A neighbour who lives opposite the house a bus crashed into says how he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the wreckage.

Ernie Hollick, 77, lives opposite numbers 45a and 47 in Blackhorse Road, Walthamstow, which were hit by a bus just after 10 pm on Thursday (April 14).

People in their homes at the time escaped unharmed with the bus driver coming away with minor injuries.

No passengers were on board the bus and no arrests were made.

The Walthamstow pensioner, Mr Hollick said: “I hear so many bangs on this road with all the buses flying over the speed bumps I didn’t think much about it.

“When I saw the blue flashing lights I knew something was up.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it.

“If he swerved left instead of right he might have finished me off.

“I just couldn’t work out how it got over there from the other side of the road and at that angle it’s simply amazing."