A Walthamstow-based cartoonist set his satirical sights on Waltham Forest’s housing crisis in a new exhibition.

Tim Reedy has produced a series of cartoons focussing topics such as on landlord greed, gentrification, exploitation and eviction as part of his new show “Property Boars”.

The 43-year-old, said: “In the past few years, all everyone seems to be talking about is property- either how much theirs is worth or how they’ll never be able to afford any.

“Many friends have been forced out the area after being hit by rent hikes.

“Only recently our neighbours relocated to Dalston as they refused to pay the extortionate letting fees some landlords are charging here.

“I created and exhibited the original Property Boars cartoon a couple of years ago and I sell it as a greeting card. It’s very popular and it became the inspiration for my new exhibition.”

Property prices in Walthamstow have risen 15 per cent in the last year with the average property now selling for £414,711.

Between 2013 and 2014, prices rose 32 per cent, making them the highest risers in the country. Last year, E17 saw a 56 per cent increase in homes worth million-pound homes sold.

A recent report from Generation Rent found that tenants in Waltham Forest pay the highest fees in London.

Landlords and agents are charging tenants an average of £461 to secure a home. The highest letting fee charged in the area stands at £761.

Property Boars is at Froth & Rind, in Orford Road, from June 4 to July 8. For more information, visit: timreedy.com.