PRO-EUROPE campaigners are upping the ante in Wanstead, claiming it is a “key battleground” in their bid to keep the UK in the European Union.

Britain Stronger in Europe campaigners were out canvassing in Wanstead High Street on Saturday (May 21) in an effort to inform voters of how a vote to remain could affect them.

Joint campaign leader for Leyton and Wanstead Miranda Grell said: “Wanstead is a key battleground in this campaign.

“It has a historical tie to the EU, with Winston Churchill, a huge advocate of a united Europe after World War Two, as our MP for several years.

“One of the biggest issues facing Europe is climate change, and with people in Wanstead up in arms about concentrated flight paths from City Airport, the EU can impose limits to crack down on pollution.”

Stronger In volunteer Douglas Dowell said: “Wanstead is an important area for the campaign and many people here are yet to make up their mind.

“We have a very active group of volunteers in the area and the response on the ground has been very positive, which is great.”

Stronger In and Vote Leave volunteers will be campaigning in Wanstead High Street every Saturday from 11am until 1pm leading up to the referendum on June 23.

Britain Stronger In Europe will also be outside Leyton tube station every Wednesday from 8am and Leytonstone from 7.30am on Fridays.

All those eligible must register to vote before the deadline of June 7.