AN ACTRESS will “never really understand” the decision to destroy a Victorian school building after the council approved its demolition.

Kelly Adams, 36, who has starred in BBC’s Hustle and Holby City, is “bracing herself” to see Selwyn Primary, in Cavendish Road, Highams Park, begin the demolition of its Victorian school building.

On Tuesday (July 12), the council unanimously voted to demolish the building despite conservation experts, Save Britain’s Heritage, arguing for its “clear architectural and historic interest”.

The Victorian-style building dates to back 1904 and has been described as “handsome” and “architecturally exuberant” by conservationists.

In January this year, executive head teacher, Maureen Okoye, urged the council to consider its demolition because children were being forced to wear coats to assembly following regular leaks after heavy rain.

The school was named as one of 261 schools needing major refurbishment by the Government with money from the Education Funding Agency set aside for any future build.

Ms Okoye said the building’s flattening would be a “lifeline for the school and enhance educational opportunities”.

She added: “Children, parents and the community need the new building.

“Otherwise we will end up with a building we cannot afford to maintain, costing a lot of money.”

Speaking before the council’s vote, a representative from construction company Galliford Try said the build would cost “substantially more than £8 million”.

Experts from Save Britain’s Heritage objected in the “strongest possible terms” to the idea the building could not be renovated or restored.

Deputy director at Save Britain’s Heritage, Mike Fox said after his first objection a structural and condition survey was submitted.

It showed the cost of a full renovation to be around £2.1 million.

Ms Adams, who moved to Highams Park in April last year suggested “maybe money and design doesn't matter to the forest council".

She added: “I'll never really understand it. I'm now bracing myself for watching this happen outside my window.”