RESIDENTS on a “run-down” estate are “furious” after the council proposed to build homes on their doorstep but “refuse” to improve existing facilities.

Redbridge Council has had plans in place to build new homes next to the Old Mill Court estate in South Woodford since late 2014.

But after amended plans emerged recently with triple the number of homes outlined in the original proposal, people on the estate have expressed major concern the “gross over development” will come at their expense.

The original proposals state that population density would allow for a maximum of 12 new homes to be built on the land next to Old Mill Court.

But people living there claim this figure has now increased to 31, with 31 parking spaces, while the 60 existing flats have 25.

Vicky Winning has lived on the estate nearly all her life and claims the new development could mean she is forced out of her home.

The 45-year-old said: “After I heard rumours about these plans I rang the council about it at least three times and they denied all knowledge of it.

“Then we got a letter through the door to say there would be a four-hour consultation on the estate on August 10 to ‘discuss’ it with the council.

“I told them how unfair it is of them to do this without consulting us properly.”

She added: “This development takes away all of our green space, it will put huge pressure on parking, and build roads that run right outside people’s windows.

“While they’re regenerating the estate for new residents, existing ones like us have a never-ending list of problems.

“We have a severe rat problem from bins that have holes in, the garages are completely run down, and none of us can park our cars.

“If this goes ahead, I will have to leave my home of 43 years. I am completely heartbroken, I don’t want to leave.”

Her neighbour Darren McGrath who has lived in his ground floor flat for five years said he was shocked when he found out the extent of the new proposals.

The 36-year-old said: “I heard about this in April, but all the council said is that it was planning on building around 200 homes across the whole borough.

“It was very unclear and mentioned nothing about Old Mill Court. 

“When I spoke to my neighbours about it they had no idea they planned to build here at all.

“I am a realist and understand the need for housing, but this is a huge overdevelopment and grossly unfair on the people who already live here.

“They are going to build a road right outside my window, so when I open it I’ll have car fumes coming into my house.”

Ms Winning’s housemate Gareth Davies added that the new development “completely ignores residents’ needs”.

He said: “When we asked them at the consultation whether they were planning on doing anything to improve facilities for the people already living here, they just said no.

“There are holes in the fences so we get a lot of anti-social behaviour when people come in and smoke cannabis outside.

“They are completely ignoring our needs, I’m completely shocked by the whole thing.”

After hearing so many concerns about the proposals, Ms Winning has started a petition to oppose them in the hope of convincing the council to rethink.

Work is due to start on the new homes in March 2016.

Redbridge Council has been contacted for comment.