NEIGHBOURS say they are "petrified" of drug dealing gangs and binge drinkers trespassing in their building.

They claim children as young as nine from surrounding areas are coming to Lucida Court in Papermill Place, Walthamstow, to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol.

The estate is owned by East Thames housing group and neighbours say the company have ignored their pleas for increased security.

One member of the Residents against Anti-social Behaviour group who did not want to be named said he finds used condoms scattered around his building.

He said: “They are coming in and urinating, defecating, having sex and drinking in the buildings.

“There’s literally young kids having sex and they’re leaving behind condoms.

“They don’t live here, that is the problem, and they think they can get away with it.”

The gangs range in age from children to people in their 20s and neighbours said they have burned carpets and vandalised Lucida Court.

Although police have arrested members of the gangs, people say it does not deter them and they return the next day.

One man said: “They arrest the people but they are back the next day.

“The major issue is a lack of action from East Thames. They have not secured the buildings.

“East Thames have turned it into a dump and it is an anti-social behaviour hotspot.

“I have gotten through to senior management and they just put some fluff over the situation.

“I am stuck in a predicament and they are not doing their job.”

Papermill Place was awarded the Best Residential Scheme in Waltham Forest Design Awards in 2011.

The man said he bought the flat last April and already wants to sell it because his wife is scared of the gangs.

He said: “I have to do rounds in the evening because one security guard is not enough and I have been threatened by a drug dealer.

“My wife is absolutely petrified and is scared of coming home late from work.

“I have to put-off having children for a few years because of the situation I am living in.

“I have only been living here for four months but I already regret buying the flat.

“I am absolutely disgusted.”

A spokesman for East Thames said: “We have had reports of anti-social behaviour at Papermill Place and are working with the residents, Waltham Forest Council and the police to tackle the issues.

“We operate CCTV across the estate and employ security guards to monitor the estate every day.

“In the meantime, residents should continue to report issues so that we can quickly attend and resolve them, however if a resident witnesses a crime being committed they should always call the police in the first instance. “