NEIGHBOURS campaigning against new homes being built next to their estate are calling on more people to join the fight.

The Old Mill Court Action Group was out in full force last weekend calling on more of their neighbours to oppose plans to build 32 flats on their doorstep.

Vicky Winning, who has lived on the estate in Chigwell Road, South Woodford, for her whole life, claims the new homes would “rip out trees, concrete over children’s play area and communal green space, and destroy our community.”

She also maintains it is unfair of Redbridge Council to propose building new flats, while existing facilities are "run-down and neglected".

But after a recent consultation session to inform people in South Woodford about the Redbridge Local Plan, Ms Winning and her flatmate Gareth Davies, found the development was not listed.

The Redbridge Local Plan 2015-2030 outlines plans to build over 18,000 homes across the borough in an attempt to meet demand.

Mr Davies, who has lived in Old Mill Court for 10 years, said: “Our development is not actually listed in the Local Plan.

“This is great news for us as it means it won’t be railroaded through in a desperate attempt to meet housing targets.

“It will be reviewed on its own merit, which gives us a real chance to voice our concerns.”

This weekend (September 24-25) the campaigners held an information session for their neighbours to help explain the planning proposals properly and what effect it could have on their homes.

Mr Davies added: “There are around 50 documents attached to the plan, so it’s very time consuming and confusing to understand it all.

“We’re just trying to let people know what’s going on, so when the bulldozers come in, people don’t feel like they’ve been misled.”

The duo said they had a “great response” over the weekend, with people from 30 of the 60 flats on the estate signing up to give their feedback on the plans.

They have already received 262 signatures to their online petition, which urges Redbridge Council’s cabinet member for regeneration, property and planning not to “destroy the little they have” by building the flats.

Roding Cllr Gwyneth Deakins is in favour of the development, but agrees with campaigners it is unfair ongoing problems of anti-social behaviour and run-down estate facilities are still not being addressed by Redbridge Council.

The council has been contacted for comment.

To view the online planning proposals or to make a representation, see the website.