PRIMARY SCHOOL children were left bemused when they found a spaceship crashed in the playground this morning.

When the children at Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School in Wanstead got to school today (October 3) they found what appeared to be the remnants of a spaceship outside their classrooms.

Confused, the children enlisted the help of Wanstead PCSOs Harjinder Singh and Alan Winston to help solve the mystery.

Little did they know the "spaceship crash" had been set up by their teachers as part of World Space Week.

Science Lead and Reception teacher Mrs Sarah Fisher said: “As it’s World Space Week (October 4 to 10), we wanted to get the children enthusiastic about space.

“We got in early to set up the crash scene, which we made out of bits and pieces we had around school.

"Our PCSOs were great and even cordoned the scene off with police tape.

“The children had lots of ideas about how the spaceship got there – they were all very excited.

“One thought it was a learner driver and another said the aliens had obviously got lost on the way into London to do some sightseeing.”