A MAN fed up with the disgusting state of streets has complained about flytipping a shocking 1,000 times - but it all seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

James Phillips, of Aubrey Road, Walthamstow, launched campaign Litter Action Waltham Forest six years ago after seeing piles of rubbish build up day after day.

The 61-year-old retired business consultant said he sees new fly-tips on his walk every single morning - but Waltham Forest Council seem to have ignored him.

He said: “I set up Litter Action Waltham Forest because I was fed up of looking at fly-tips all around the place and the council’s lack of action.

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“I do a 45 minute walk around Walthamstow and every single morning I come across around 10 fly-tips.

“I have seen piles of rubbish left there for weeks after I have reported it and it builds up every day.

“Even if it is cleared up the following day there is more rubbish dumped in the same spot.

“The council is promoting the borough as a great place to live but it is not a great place if people come outside their doors and walk past fly-tips.”

Mr Phillips said the problem is particularly bad in the High Street and Hoe Street wards in Walthamstow.

He said after years of reporting fly-tips on the council's website he became fed up with the lengthy process and decided to use the app LitterGram.

The app enables users to report a fly-tip or litter problem by simply taking a photo which uses a satellite signal to report it to the nearest council.

He regularly rummages through bags of rubbish in an effort to find the perpetrators’ addresses

He said: “I go through bags of rubbish and this week alone I have given the council four different addresses.

“The council is overwhelmed by the scale of the problem and they do not have a strategy to deal with it.

“I have asked the council for CCTV in more spots but they always give me excuses.

“Ward officers don't appear to be walking their ward on a daily basis identifying fly-tips, for instance.

“Lack of real enforcement is evident.”

Cllr Clyde Loakes, deputy leader and cabinet member for environment, said: “Our officers are out clearing fly-tips every day of the week, and we are carrying out extra morning patrols in hotspot areas, like those that Mr Phillips and many other civic minded residents have referred to us.

“To that end I clearly refute any claim that we are not taking action on this matter.

“We have liaised directly with Mr Phillips over many years on some of the issues he has raised and almost daily are acting on the intelligence he provides us.

“It’s worth remembering we are the only London borough to offer unlimited free bulky waste collections and we are one of just a few boroughs with three Household Waste and Recycling Centres.”