Cyclists in London risk being knocked off their bikes once a fortnight due to confusion with cars at junctions, research shows.


The average commuting cyclist has 25 near-misses at junctions every year, creating calls for the Highway Code to be changed.


More than 27,000 people have signed a petition calling for change after three Londoners were killed while riding a bike in just one week in February.


Former Olympic cycling champion Chris Boardman will deliver the petition to the Department for Transport today.


Boardman, whose mother Carol was killed in a collision with a pick-up vehicle while cycling in Connah's Quay, North Wales, in July last year, said: "We know that the place where walkers, particularly the elderly and parents with children.


"And those on bikes often feel most vulnerable is when they are crossing junctions.


"Instead of the 14 conflicting rules in an outdated Highway Code, let's borrow the common sense approach used in other European countries to create one simple rule that will make junctions much safer for everyone.


"This wouldn't cost the Government money and could be implemented very easily with political will. The cost of doing nothing is far greater."


The new research led by Dr Rachel Aldred from Westminster University.