It may have divided Walthamstow down the middle but this father say his family’s life has been “transformed” for the better by Mini-Holland.

While the cycle scheme’s epicentre famously lies in Walthamstow village, residents in the Blackhorse Road area are now claiming to see its benefits.

Father-of-two, Jesse Ash, who lives in Ritchings Avenue, in Walthamstow, praised the council’s “perseverance” with Mini-Holland.

Mr Ash said: “On a daily basis our lives have improved.”

“Because we do not have the noise, fumes and aggression from traffic outside our front doors.

“Because my two kids can walk, scoot, cycle to school without their dad shouting with anxiety about impending car clashes.

Mr Ash said he is no longer woken up in the dead of night by boy racers tearing through the streets.

He added: “The tranquillity lets us hear the birds and linger to talk to neighbours, some who are elderly and need regular support.

“As pollution increases in London this borough is acting to counter the problem on a wider scale.”

Mr Ash said he appreciated the tensions and difficulties and sympathises those who feel they are now living on busier streets.

He said: “But as statistics have shown, the measures will reduce car traffic in the long term as people find alternative means to move around.

“You have to lead as a council to trigger this habitual shift.

“As tony Benn said - 'politicians should be sign posts, not weather vanes.'”