A NUMBER of Buzzard’s have been spotted around the forest.

Not usually known to nest around the area, this photo, captured by Yvette Woodhouse, shows how they are spreading themselves across the country.

Jeremy Dagley, the City of London Corporation’s head of conservation, said: “This is a real wildlife success story as this species has spread from Wales and the south-west and now covers all of England.

“At this time of year they are really active and with the oak trees not yet in full leaf they are relatively easy to view.

“The high points of the Epping Forest ridge are some of the best places in the region to watch these fantastic birds make their spectacular displays and stooping dives.

“For me, it is truly remarkable to be seeing these wild birds over London. It is thanks to the large expanse of protected natural habitat provided by our Forest that Londoners can still feel part of nature and enjoy such uplifting and exhilarating sights.”

The photo was taken over Yates’s Meadow, Chingford, on the Greater London boundary.