A PARLIAMENTARY candidate in the upcoming General Election has apologised for publishing outdated information about his career history online.

Ukonu Obasi was named as the Liberal Democrat’s candidate for Walthamstow last week.

The 38-year-old is listed as being the chief executive officer of Dabasi Enterprises for the past three years and eight months on his LinkedIn page.

When questioned by the Waltham Forest Guardian, he admitted the company, which has no website and a blank Facebook page, was never actually a functioning business.

He said: “I apologise for not keeping my LinkedIn account up to date but last time I checked it is not a crime. I will endeavour to update my profile.

“Dabasi Enterprises isn’t functioning. It was put forward as an events management company but I never really got it off the ground.

“I needed to work and I didn’t have time to do it.”

Mr Obasi is also named on the Lib Dem’s website and LinkedIn as the executive director of Rural Africa Health Water and Sanitation Initiative.

The charity, which was founded in Mr Obasi’s native Nigeria, was dissolved in the UK in March 2012, according to Companies’ House.

He said: “I think I can understand why it may appear to be misleading. I was appointed as executive director of the charity in Nigeria in 2007 and I haven’t been removed from that position.

“The charity focuses on educating healthcare professionals and it is an unpaid role.

“Since it was dissolved in the UK five years ago I have been trying to set it up again but I have had to focus on doing paid work.”

It will be Mr Obasi’s first time standing for election on June 8. He joined the Lib Dems following the General Election in 2015.

Mr Obasi, who is listed on LinkedIn as working in public health for the past eight years, moved to Walthamstow five years ago.

On the Lib Dem’s website Mr Obasi is described as “a passionate campaigner for health, water and sanitation in Africa.”

The profile reads: “Ukonu is a firm believer in liberal values, an uncompromising advocate for transparency and good governance.

“Ukonu is running because he believes that government should be about doing what is best for the people, every time, all the time.

“He believes that politics should be about providing opportunities for people, how to unite and how to raise the standard of living for everyone and not just a few.”

The Liberal Democrats have been contacted for a comment.