AN IMAM has condemned the “criminals who hijacked Islam” killing seven and injuring 48 in Saturday night’s terror attack.

Fear and panic spread through the capital when three men drove into innocent victims on London Bridge before getting out and stabbing people at nearby bars and restaurants in Borough Market.

So-called Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack. But South Woodford Imam Dr Mohammed Fahim has defiantly stated “Islam strongly prohibits the killing of innocent people”.

The leader of the Qur’ani Murkuz Trust (QMT) in Mulberry Way said: “ISIS are criminals who hijacked Islam, a religion of peace, tolerance, and justice.

“The murderers who carried out the heinous attacks on innocent people on London Bridge, Westminster Bridge, and in Manchester are nothing but criminals.

“They are not Muslims. Terrorism has no religion.”

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Dr Mohammed Fahim is the Imam at Qur’ani Murkuz Trust in Mulberry Way, South Woodford

The Muslim leader also expressed his sorrow and said he shares the pain of the victims and their families.

He added: “Our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims and we send our sincere condolences to all of them.

“We feel their pain. May God be with them and given them patience and perseverance.

“May God give the injured a speedy recovery and re-join them with their families.”

The Metropolitan Police have said they now know the identity of the three attackers, who were shot dead by police within minutes.

Counter-terror bosses say “a number of people” are in custody in connection with the attack after armed officers raided homes in Barking, East Ham, and elsewhere in Newham.

Dr Fahim also called for unity and urged people to report any suspicious activity within the community to police to stamp out extremism once and for all.

He said: “We are so proud to be British Muslims and an integral part of the community here.

“No one can divide us or turn us against each other.

“We are grateful to the Government, policy, army, and other services for all they are doing to protect us.

“Muslims in Britain should not hesitate to report any radical extremists to the Prevent counter terrorism programme.

“Mosque leaders must be more proactive in discovering radical or extremist conduct or ideologies that might lead to a terrorist attack.”

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