A COMMUNITY fridge is coming to a high street to help locals fight food waste.

Those worried about the amount of food they waste every week can take full advantage of this new fridge coming to Leytonstone.

Sitting outside Café de Montmartre, in Church Lane, it will be a stone’s throw from Leytonstone tube station.

It will join The Community Fridge Network, an initiative backed by Sainsbury’s and Bosch, which lets towns across the country redistribute unwanted food to those in need.

Unlike the other fridges, which are all found within community centres, Leytonstone’s will be out in the open for everyone to access.

Leading the project is Diana Korchien, who said it is a “dream come true”.

She added: “We are already helping to reduce packaged food waste by participating in the Best Before Project, and now with this complementary linked project we will be able to reduce the waste of fresh and even frozen food and bring a better quality of nutrition to those most in need of it.”

The planned rollout of community fridges will see more pop up across the UK over the next year.

A reported £13 billion of food is thrown away each year by UK households rather than being eaten.

Some of the most commonly wasted food is fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, meat and ready meals.

Meanwhile bakeries, cafés and restaurants often dispose of the bread, sandwiches and cooked food they can’t sell on the day.

The launch date of Leytonstone's community fridge is still to be confirmed.