Campaigners fighting concentrated flight paths which have turned their communities into “noise ghettos” have won the backing of the Mayor of London.

HACAN East, a group which represents residents in east London, has been campaigning against London City Airport’s new flight paths since they were introduced in February 2016.

The paths were narrowed to reduce the space planes can fly within meaning more air traffic for homes directly underneath.

Residents in Leytonstone have been hit particularly hard by the paths, with some saying they are considering selling their houses.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Caroline Russell, Green Party Member of the London Assembly, raised the issue with Sadiq Khan on behalf of residents.

Mr Khan said: “It is clear that the concentrated flight paths introduced by London City Airport are not working.

“We will continue to raise the issue with London City Airport.

“We also continue to make the case to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) that there must be a fairer distribution of flight paths that will address the severe noise impacts.”

City Airport has seen a four-fold increase in complaints since the concentrated routes were introduced 16 months ago.

HACAN East will stage a protest outside the CAA headquarters on Friday, July 28 to coincide with a review the authority is conducting into the changed paths.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Chairman of HACAN East, John Stewart.

It is currently studying the report and is expected to come up with its recommendations in September.

Protesters are calling on the CAA to make City Airport scrap the new paths and replace them with multiple routes which are rotated to ensure each community get some relief from the noise.

Chairman of HACAN East John Stewart, said the group welcomes Mr Khan’s support for their cause.

Mr Stewart said: “Friday’s stunt is a fun action with a serious purpose.

“We want to get across to the CAA just how much grief has been caused by the concentrated flight paths.

“In effect, noise ghettos have been created.”

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Campaigners from a wide range of places affected by the flight paths will each bring a cake with the name of their area indicated. They will also present a cake to the CAA.

The stunt will take place at 4.15pm on Friday at CAA House in Kingsway, Holborn.

Caroline Russell AM, said: “From not being able to sleep with the windows open because of aircraft noise at night, to higher levels of air pollution – people in east London are having their lives blighted by concentrated flight paths.

“I’m glad the Mayor agrees with me that these flight paths are just not working, but he must keep the pressure on London City Airport to reduce the noise problem and give people living in the affected boroughs some peace.

“If we can’t trust the airport to take residents’ comfort into consideration we really need to look at the suitability of having an airport in the middle of a residential area.”