Campaigners are calling on the council to “save our town centre” after ambitious plans for residential tower blocks were submitted.

Pensioner David Gardiner who is leading the movement has accused Capital and Regional developers of “pure greed”.

The company wants to build four apartment blocks, the tallest of which is 29 storeys high, as part of their redevelopment of The Mall shopping centre in Selborne Road, Walthamstow.

Mr Gardiner, who has lived in Walthamstow for 29 years, said the luxury apartments will do nothing to ease the housing shortage in the borough and will change the dynamic of the area.

The 70-year-old, said he would feel “disgusted” if the scheme was given the green light.

“These people would be young, rich and childless,” he said.

“It will not benefit the single mothers and it will do nothing to the housing list in the borough.

“It would bring up the housing prices in the area because it will be seen as a desirable borough and become gentrified.

“It would turn Walthamstow into Stratford – a concrete city. This 29-storey block towering over the borough would be ugly.”

Last April Capital and Regional who own The Mall submitted the plans for up to 500 homes as well as shops and restaurants.

The development would create hundreds of jobs and see the tallest building in Waltham Forest erected.

Mr Gardiner said: “We want them to leave it alone and if they need more shops then put an extra storey in the mall and it won’t affect the skyline.

“We have lots of shops already and the Walthamstow people don’t want any more. It is only Capital and Regional who want people to shop in their mall who want to build more shops.”

Mr Gardiner and a other campaigners gathered outside Walthamstow Town Hall this week to protest before handing in the last of the 2,900 signatures opposing the plans to the council.

His partner Jean Duggleby, 75, is also in strong opposition to the redevelopment. 

If given the go-ahead, a third of Walthamstow Town Square and Gardens will be built over and mature trees will be cut down.

Mr Gardiner added: “We are in a privileged position. We can just sell-up and move but we like Walthamstow and we want to stay here.

“You need a little open space to breathe. We like the town square and often have picnics there.

“The fact that there is a big market in town and a farmers’ market on Sunday gives it a kind of semi-rural setting. It has a great atmosphere.”

The site is just a stone’s throw from Walthamstow Central Library which is a listed building and the “massive” tower block would be visible from the St James Conservation Area.

A group of architects who live or work in the area have objected to the planning application, raised concerns about the height of the biggest tower, which would be one of the tallest residential buildings in London.

Ken Ford, executive director at Capital & Regional said: “We believe our proposals will greatly enhance both the retail and leisure offer of Walthamstow town centre whilst also delivering much needed homes to the area, all set around a vibrant new town square adjacent to Walthamstow’s transport hub.

“Following the successful refurbishment of The Mall in 2015, we see huge potential to revitalise and complement one of London’s most vibrant neighbourhoods with over £120 million of construction investment and the creation of hundreds of new jobs.

“We have worked closely with the local community on these plans and will continue to do so in advance of a planning determination by the London Borough of Waltham Forest”.