A father-of-three who built a successful career in media relations is returning to his musical roots to make use of a “magical opportunity”.

Pallab Sarker, 40, of Farnan Avenue, Walthamstow spent many years travelling the globe meeting dignitaries when he worked for the government.

Now eight years after setting up his PR agency, the indie-pop singer-songwriter opens up about his unconventional journey back to music ahead of the release of his second single.

“If you are a musician and you want to write you can try and stop and focus on your career but it will always come back to you,” said Pallab.

“Everything about playing in Walthamstow is magical. You’re playing to such a diverse group of people – eastenders, hipsters, people from different backgrounds - you really get a great mix and that’s quite unique.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

“I am very fortunate that Walthamstow has so many great musicians. I met musicians at gigs and they helped me and my first single was received very well.”

Born in Peterborough to parents who had fled the Bangladesh Liberation War in the 1970s, Pallab moved to London when he was 20 to go to university.

He worked for various cabinet members in the former Labour administration and did a gig with the then Employment Minister Tony McNulty in the Home Office, raising thousands of pounds for Children In Need.

Last April Pallab along with one of his clients travelled to the Vatican at the invitation of Pope Francis who praised them for a global education project they had been working on.  

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

He said: “It was quite surreal. It meant so much to me that His Holiness Pope Francis personally blessed some rosary beads for my Italian Catholic in-laws.

“They have also placed the photo of me meeting Pope Francis in the hallway of their home in Oppeano, just outside Verona.”

Pallab, who was part of the band ICON who performed across London in the Nineties, says he had the full support of his wife Laura Pirani when he decided to return to performing.

He said: “She knows how stressed I am in the business and she loves it when I do music.

“I think that music is the only thing that keeps me sane and without it I would be so stressed.

“I am not really interested in becoming a star. What I would like is a genuine following of people looking forward to the next gig.”

Pallab’s second single ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’ will be available to purchase on iTunes later this month.

Although he insists it is not easy juggling family life with his music career, Pallab could not pass up the opportunity Walthamstow’s thriving music scene offers artists as it may not last forever.

He said: “I very much hope the fast rising rents and property prices don’t force the artists to leave.

“The stages will be empty and there will be no one left to play.

“It will be a sad day when Walthamstow loses its soul.”

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