Leslie Jenkins, a Muswell Hill native, has been a professional clairvoyant and astrologer for over forty years, and believes that pets are just as influenced by the stars and their zodiac signs as their owners.

He now lives in Walthamstow with his family and two cats of his own, Martha and Peppa

I had to ask, how did it get into it – or did he always have a gift?

“My grandmother used to read the tea leaves. I first started reading palms when I was 21 and soon realized by the feedback from people that I was very accurate.

“Over the years people of all walks of life have consulted me – actors, celebrities and professional people. I use tarot, the crystal ball, palmistry and their zodiac sign for consultations. I give advice, reassurance and predictions. It is a gift and very rewarding helping people.”

In Astral Cats, which is crammed with cat information, stories, proverbs and rhymes, he explains what to look out for.

What traits make a Taurus cat be different from an Aries? Or a Gemini from a Capricorn?

If you don’t know your cat’s birth sign, there is even a section to explain what characteristics you, as an owner, should look out for based on your own birth sign.

“The idea came to me when I was in the garden,” Leslie explains. “My tortoiseshell cat, Martha, was chasing a butterfly and I thought if she could talk she would tell us about her feelings and favourite things.

“By watching our two cats, Martha and Peppa, I soon set about creating a very unusual book idea for cat lovers and those interested in astrology.

“The book gives you lots of information and facts about cats, like Florence nightingale who had 60 cats and knew all their names, as well astrology for the cat owners.”

Although he trained as an actor with RADA and Sylvia Young Theatre School, his first love was always writing.

“This is my first book and I was over the moon when I found a publisher after 25 rejections,” he tells me. “I cried when the publisher said she loved it and wanted to publish it.

“My advice at the age of 63 to other authors is never give up, be positive. It’s a very hard so keep writing. I have plans to do the follow up Astral Dogs in the future.”

I wondered how he deals with sceptics and he tells me: “Occasionally I get a sceptical person. I always respect it if they say no to me. But the most important thing is to give your first impression of what you see not want they want to hear, that is true clairvoyance.”

He adds: “Clients go away feeling uplifted and positive the reading is a guide of possibilities and their potential balanced with sincere predictions and they all tell me my voice has a calming effect.”

Published by The Wolfenhowle Press