A “PIONEERING” girl with an incurable brain tumour is responding positively to treatment.

Kaleigh Lau, of Woodford Green, who suffers from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), is about to fly out to Mexico with her family for another round of life-saving treatment only available in the central American country.

Fears had grown for the seven-year-old after treatment on September 15 “did not change much”, according to dad Scott Lau, 41.

However, the latest round of treatment on October 13 helped her emerge from a rough patch. British doctors say she is now responding positively.

Now, Mr Lau, wife Yang and brother Carson, 5, are planning a celebrity-packed dinner and 10k run later this month to raise as much awareness as possible about Kaleigh’s case.

Mr Lau said: “She’s 18 months past diagnosis and showing the world how it should be done.

“Kaleigh’s progress suggests treatment is working. British doctors say she’s benefitted from the treatment but for how long it lasts for we don’t know.

“We hit a bad patch but we’re on the up now. She’s a pioneer and every little bit of her development is new to doctors.”

She will fly out with her family on November 9 for an MRI scan the day after, as well as more physiotherapy.

The young trailblazer is trying to lead a normal life by going to Ray Lodge Primary School, Woodford Green, and is keeping her spirits up.

Mr Lau said: “She‘s going to school for half days. Her walking’s poor at the moment but she’s stabilised. You have to help her walk because she can’t walk on her own but she’s god morale-wise.

“She’s lost feeling in her feet but is getting that sensation back so she can feel us touching her foot. She also lost power in her hand but is regaining strength. Externally she’s improving.”

The Lau family tries to make each trip over a six-day period to minimise disruption and costs. Every round of treatment in Mexico costs £15,000.

Mr Lau feels the need to battle on for both his daughter and other children diagnosed with DIPG.

He said: “We’re lucky she’s stable and not deteriorating. It’s a godsend.

“With this illness you have to think about it both ways. The families we encouraged to get treatment have inspired me to battle on. If no one does this we’ll be back at the starting block.

“As a group of families we’re making big strides. We could potentially find a cure for one of the worst cancers in the world.”

Mr Lau expressed disbelief at the fact his petition calling for more funding into research of paediatric cancers has not passed the 100,000 mark.

The petition, which launched on September 12, has 18,000 signatures.

He said: “I find it astonishing that the petition we put out there hasn’t reached the 100,000 yet. Until it affects you people won’t do much about it.

“Just sitting here and watching your daughter go is not acceptable to me. To bring her into this world and not provide for her when she’s ill is not acceptable.”

The family hope to raise between £20,000 and £30,000 at a celebrity-packed evening at the Yi-Ban restaurant, Royal Albert Dock on Saturday, November 18.

“Soul king” Kenny Thomas, whose daughter also suffers from Kaleigh’s condition, will perform, as will former X Factor finalist Andy Abrahams.

Snooker ace Ronnie O’Sullivan has donated cues, snooker balls and autographed books to Kaleigh’s case. Tottenham Hotspur FC, Arsenal and Chelsea have also donated goodies for auction.

The 10k run will take place on Sunday, November 26 and starts in Roding Lane, Woodford Green.

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