A DAD who had to endure the pain of identifying his son’s body after he was killed in a car crash has written a book about him.

Adam Lawley, 21, of Stanfords River Road, Ongar, was returning home from work on November 21, 2008, when he lost control after deer ran onto the road in London Road, Stapleford Tawney.

Now his dad, Stephen Lawley, is launching his book ‘You Make Me Better’ on Amazon this Sunday, the ninth anniversary of Adam’s death.

“When he turned 21, we thought we’d cracked it. We’d raised an adult and we wouldn’t have to worry anymore,” said Mr Lawley. “He had a very healthy life.”

Adam had been working in a recruitment agency in central London and had been heading home the Friday he died for a quiet weekend with his family.

He was popular and well-known around Chelmsford and Brentwood, so when he didn’t arrive back as planned, his family included mum Kathryn and brother Andrew, then 16, were not worried.

Mr Lawley added: “The police knocked on the door and took me to hospital. Kathryn stayed back with Andrew who was asleep.

“I thought, it’s a joke, it can’t be real. They even cracked a joke and I laughed, but then I realised I was being ridiculous.

“I was sure it wouldn’t be my son. I thought some other parent was going to have to go through this pain, and how awful it would be for them.

“I saw his body and I had mixed emotions. I was in disbelief, but I thought it was a prank. That the police officers weren’t real and he’d get up and we’d all have a laugh about it.

“I went back home to tell my wife and she knew as soon as I came through the door. It was horrendous, she burst into tears.”

After his death, his best friends rallied round his family and got tattoos in tribute to Adam.

His parents made a pact that from that day, they would live their lives to the full and go wherever they were invited.

As a result, they have been around the world and travelled to Europe, Egypt and America and are also planning trips to South America and Asia in the coming years.

“Adam always said we needed to get out and live life more, and he’s right. We could be dead tomorrow,” Mr Lawley added.

“We wouldn’t have done any of that if it weren’t for Adam. He made me a better person.”

Retired job trainer Mr Lawley decided to write his book as a way to cope with his grief and honour Adam’s short life.

He added: “It was cathartic to do, I felt like I needed to write the book. Adam would be so unbelievably proud and because of that, I’d like people to read the book and for it to be a success.”

You Make Me Better will be available to buy on Amazon from Sunday.