KING George’s Accident and Emergency department is no longer under threat of imminent closure after a six year campaign.

The decision was announced in a report from the East London Health & Care Partnership earlier today.

The report admitted the reasons they decided to close the A&E in the first place were no longer applicable.

These include national policy changes, as well as the changing demographic of north east London and new models of care.

It said: “Therefore a binary approach to decision making, that concludes either to “close” or “not close” the KGH A&E is unlikely to be satisfactory for patients, commissioners and other stakeholders, as it will not reflect these changes.”

Paul Canal, leader of Redbridge Conservatives, hailed the move.

He said: “Since Labour Health Secretary Andy Burnham announced the review in 2009, King George A&E has been under threat.”

“I have been lobbying the DoH and Number Ten extensively over the last three years to secure this outcome. All involved in the campaign should share credit, including the indefatigable Andy Walker”

“Today’s publication of the report, supressed in my view for too long, finally lifts that threat and restores the status quo - King George A&E remains open 24 hrs a day.”

“It is absolutely right, as the report suggests, that we revisit the delivery of health services across East London focussing on excellence of care and patient outcomes.

"We must consider the updated evidence, new facts. This must happen in an open and transparent way, and involve not just the stakeholders listed, but each borough involved.”

Wes Streeting, Labour MP for Ilford North, called the report "a watershed moment."

He said: "This report is a watershed moment in our fight to save King George A&E.

"It vindicates what we have been saying for years: that closing the A&E is not in the best interests of our growing and ageing population and the Tory closure plan agreed in 2011 can't be delivered.

"It is now time for Jeremy Hunt to reverse the ministerial decision to close the A&E at King George Hospital to set the NHS free to come up with a new plan that safeguards the A&E and meets the health needs of our residents."