A TOP Redbridge Conservative has told young people they should leave the country if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister.

Councillor Paul Canal, leader of the Tory opposition at Redbridge Council, says young people with ambition “have no place” in a Corbyn-led country and borough.

The criticism comes as Momentum, the grassroots movement backing Mr Corbyn, is accused of undemocratically deselecting councillors at local level.

Cllr Canal said: “He’s a massive threat to young people. If Corbyn wins the next election my advice to young people is work elsewhere. There is no place for ambition under a Corbyn-led government and country.

“I think the threat is real – if Momentum was honest, they would fall away in the polls. They are advocating policies that are extreme left-wing.

“Their vision isn’t shared by the centre. People have been seduced by lack of detail and rhetoric.”

Cllr Canal believes Labour has been “captured” by people who are challenging the post-war economic consensus.

He said: “I see Momentum as an overt threat to the prosperity of the borough and country. They’re anti-democratic Marxists.

“The left has rallied and is controlling it at branch level. Labour’s been captured by a cabal of hard left wingers who don’t represent hard left voters.

“For the first time since 1945, The Communist Party ran no candidates in 2017 – they didn’t need to, they’re in Labour.

"For the first time since the end of the Second World War, the country faces the choice between a mixed market economy and a socialist economy like in Cuba and Venezuela.”

Cllr Jas Athwal, Labour leader of Redbridge Council said: "I welcome grass roots conversations and debate as that leads to better decision making."

Redbridge Momentum failed to respond to requests for comment by the Guardian Series.