A father is furious at a hospital after his newborn son was cut across the face during a Caesarean.

Christopher Thomas, 46, says his wife Karla, 27, were disgusted when they saw the gaping cut on little Christopher Jnr’s face.

The newborn came into the world on Monday, at Whipps Cross Hospital - which apologised for the blunder.

Mr Thomas, of Tenby Road, Walthamstow, was left angry when when he discovered his newborn son’s face had been slashed during the operation.

He said: “They told me the baby had a cut on its face due to the Caesarean - it made me feel really angry. I was disgusted.

“They try and talk doctor-speak to you. They think you do not understand, but I do - how can they make a mistake like that?

“I asked them why my baby’s face had been cut and they said they couldn’t see during the operation because there was a lot

Karla was due to give birth naturally, so was confused when doctors advised her she should be induced three weeks early.

The couple say they were given no choice, but when it took a while for labour to begin, she was advised to have a Caesarian instead.

Mr Thomas claims doctors did not explain to him or his wife why the procedure needed to be carried out.

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Dad Christopher is furious his son was cut during the proceedure

The father-of-three added: “They had told her she was going into early labour, but she was not dilated at all.

"The whole thing went from bad to worse, my wife had a panic attack because nothing was happening. She did not want the Caesarean, but they told her there was no choice."

A spokesman for Barts Health NHS Trust, which operates Whipps Cross, said: “We are sorry that Mrs Thomas feels that she was not well informed.

“We have arranged for someone to speak to her about her concerns and explain the care provided.

“Whipps Cross will always support women to choose how they give birth, while acknowledging that an alternative may become necessary where there is a risk to the safety of either mother or baby. 

“In this situation, we will explain to the parents as much as possible within the limits of safe timing. 

“Small superficial injuries to babies during caesarean births are a known but rare complication which the hospital takes every precaution to avoid, and women will sign a consent form acknowledging risks before the procedure goes ahead.”