MORE THAN 6,000 victims suffered a form of domestic abuse over the past year.

The Met documented 6,003 people in Redbridge who experienced domestic abuse between December 2016 and December 2017.

Of the 6,003, 1,272 were repeat victims. In total, 17.4 per cent of cases were repeats.

A total of 4,039 instances of domestic abuse were recorded 1,868 of which were violence-based and 92 sexual.

More domestic abuse cases were recorded in Waltham Forest.

A total of 6,819 people suffered one form of domestic abuse, 1,513 of whom were repeat victims. Nearly 20 per cent of domestic abuse cases were repeats.

There were 2,223 instances of violence and 83 sexual offences. In total, the number of domestic abuse offences in Waltham Forest was 4,590.

The Met’s Operation Dauntless, a two week campaign targeting domestic abuse, came to an end on Sunday, December 10.

A spokeswoman for Redbridge Council said: “Supporting the victims of domestic violence is of the utmost importance to the council.

“We work with police and other agencies to ensure we have service in place to protect victims.

“It is widely considered that the rise in the number of reported cases of domestic violence is due to more people feeling confident enough to come forward when they are victims, so much of the crime is no longer hidden.

“We provide accommodation based support through Refuge - Redbridge Violence against Women and Girls Service and our housing options team.

“We have also funded trained Independent Domestic Violence Advisers who provides services through the Domestic Violence One Stop Shop.

“The council, in partnership with other agencies, supports the Multi Agency Risk assessment Conference that manages the high risk cases including repeat offenders.

"A plan is agreed that supports the victim ensuring their needs are put first.”