DISABLED people could start having to pay an extra £150 towards the cost of their care.

One Place East has now slammed Redbridge Council's new proposals, branding it a "tax on disability".

Bosses at the authority are considering upping the maximum charge by £150, from £450 to £600.

It says it has had no choice but to consider the new measures because it needs to cut £14.1million from the adult social care budget, of £54.2million, by 2021/22.

Now Jon Abrams, who works for the charity, says any approved changes will add to existing pressures on disabled people, as well as their carers.

He said: “Many disability campaigners call it a tax on disability. Many disabled people and carers in Redbridge have already been significantly disadvantaged by welfare reforms and cuts to social care.

“Redbridge’s proposed charging policy, therefore, will leave even more people with an income and savings which is insufficient to cover the additional costs of impairment and ill-health. “

“We are also concerned that higher charges will deter people from accessing social care services and this will result in greater costs to the public purse including more admissions to residential and nursing homes.”

Service users who fund the full cost of their residential care will lose out on the council’s full placement service and only receive advice and information.

This service change will apply to individuals with family or carers who can help them find residential homes.

Those who self-fund and do not have family or carers will still be found a residential home by the council.

Those advocating changes anticipate that around £377,000 will be generate in 2018/19.

Any approved changes will come into effect from April 1, 2018.

Mark Santos, cabinet member for adult social care and health, said: "Redbridge has no option but to make a charge for its Adult Social Care Services. 

"This is not least because Government funding to  the borough has reduced by 40 per cent since 2010 (some £125million).  We have a situation of growing population who need support and reducing resources to fund it. 

"We undertake a financial assessment with everyone accessing social care.  This means that some people don’t have to pay or will only have to make a contribution to their care as they do not have the means to do so. 

"The real issue is this Tory Government who are not taking their responsibilities to Adult Social Care seriously.  The Government continues to fail to properly fund social care services. 

"The Chancellor was silent in the budget and there was silence too in the Local Government Financial settlement.   It is time the Government stepped up and looked after some of our most vulnerable residents."