Waltham Forest Council keeps records warning staff of potentially dangerous residents, including one noting a service user’s home was not “safe for quick escape”.

Requests made to local authorities across the country for information on their cautionary contacts lists (CCL) have revealed details kept on tenants and members of the public.

The lists detail customers who are designated as potentially aggressive or abusive in a bid to protect staff from being on the receiving end of verbal or physical attacks.

In Waltham Forest, the council kept records on six service users who were deemed to pose a potential risk to members of staff.

The local authority also revealed it warned employees to take care around one individual on the list as their accommodation “was not safe for quick escape”.

Meanwhile, Essex County Council included 13 children aged seven or younger on its warning list, including a four-year-old deemed physically or sexually threatening and two potentially violent three-year-olds.

However, it also keeps records on three one-year-olds, who are considered “consistently verbally or physically threatening”.

The county council also included a 103-year-old on its list for being physically or sexually threatening.

Local authorities across England have identified more than 25,000 individuals in total who could pose a threat to their staff.

Some councils kept records on thousands of residents, including Barking and Dagenham Council, which had more than 1,500 warning notes on its system and Cumbria Council who held almost 3,000.