Two dangerous drivers have been jailed after a grandfather was knocked down and killed by a speeding BMW.

Mohammed Muqtadir had just left morning prayers when he was hit as he crossed a stretch of the A12 close to Redbridge Roundabout on April 7 2016.

Judge Zoe Smith, sitting at the Old Bailey, said the respected family man would have had time to have "safely" got over the crossing if those at the wheel had been driving at the speed limit instead of at "incredible speed".

Night-shift workers Stephen Richards, 43, and Glenn Donovan, 34, both of Romford, had been going at twice the 40mph limit before the crash.

The judge spoke of how 78-year-old Mr Muqtadir's relatives described him as a "pious, sincere and generous man" and that his family are "devastated by his loss and inconsolable in their grief".

Mr Muqtadir son said, in statement, that "the tragic, unfathomable manner of his death has shattered my family's lives forever".

Richards, had pleaded guilty to causing Mr Muqtadir's death by dangerous driving.

The jury found Donovan not guilty of causing the pensioner's death, although he had admitted a separate charge of dangerous driving.

Richards was sentenced to three years in prison and disqualified from driving for three and a half years while Donovan was sentenced to eight months and disqualified for two years and four months.

Donovan had been seen driving his Volkswagen Scirocco erratically, changing lanes and "tailgating" Richards' BMW on the eastbound carriageway, the Old Bailey was told.

When they reached Redbridge roundabout, Donovan pulled out in front of Richards and swerved just before the BMW ploughed into Mr Muqtadir at a crossing, jurors heard.

Donovan was then seen to drive off at speed.

When police tracked down Donovan, he told them he had left work in Stratford, at about 5.40am and did not notice anything out of the ordinary as he drove home.

Richards told jurors he did not realise he was driving so fast and denied he was racing with Donovan.