Healthcare bosses are urging the public to act quickly to save someone’s life if they believe they are having a stroke.

Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Croup (CCG) had warned the sooner suspected stroke victims receive treatment, there is less chance they will suffer potentially permanent damage.

People are asked to call 999 if they notice a person’s face has fallen on one side, if they cannot raise their arms and if their speech is slurred.

The advice comes as new statistics from Public Health England suggest the average age of stroke victims is falling, with a third of victims now under the age of 70.

Waltham Forest CCG clinical lead cardiovascular disease, Dr Munir Ali-Zubair, said: “A stroke is sudden so acting quickly could save your own, or someone else’s life.

“Thinking and acting fast increases the speed with which people are treated and consequently increases their likelihood of recovery.

“Although certain groups of people are at greater risk, a stroke can affect anyone, and prompt action is always the right thing to do.”

A stroke occurs when there is interrupted blood supply to a part of the brain. This may be either because of a clot in a blood vessel, or due to a bleed.

Age is the single biggest risk factor for strokes with the risk doubling every 10 years after the age of 55.

However, people of south Asian, African or Caribbean backgrounds are also more likely to suffer a stroke.