INFATUATED students have expressed their undying love for one another via the medium of balloons.

Pupils of King Harold Academy in Waltham Abbey provided a Valentine's Day balloon delivery service to raise money for the school's rewards fund.

Having paid £1 and written a short, heartfelt message, they posted their requests in a special Valentine's ‘mail box’ and sat back.

A red heart-shaped balloon with the message attached was then delivered to recipients during lesson time.

In total 130 inflated symbols of devotion floated around the school, with Key Stage 3 students proving to be particularly avid and amorous senders.

Gemma Perry, Head of Year: Year 7 and 8 and Transition, said: "It has been a successful enterprise and one we plan to repeat next year.

"It was wonderful to see the excitement on the students' faces as we showed up at classroom doors to deliver the balloons.

"Even some staff got involved, embracing the spirit of the event."

Are you, your school or workplace doing something special for Valentine's Day? Maybe you are going to propose, plough a message of heartbreak into a cornfield or simply surprise a loved one. Let us know by emailing or by calling 07795 316211