‘Ridiculous’ claim

THE recent front page of the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian does little to give readers a true picture of democracy at work in our borough.

At the outset, you claim 64% of residents are against parking measures in Wanstead High Street. This ridiculous claim is also evident in the photo.

Put simply, 36% for and 31% against, means that a majority are for. This most certainly does not mean 64% are against.

There was a consultation - the council listened and as a result, a much reduced permit scheme has been introduced, with some meter parking on the high street.

It seems to me that whatever the council does, there is a small, very vocal group, who are using the parking issue as a political tool and will never be satisfied with any measures taken by a Labour-run council.

At the end of the day and whenever possible, ‘Shanks’ Pony’ should be our mode of transport to the High Street.

Peter Davies via email