TAXPAYERS will fork out hundreds of thousands of pounds for a wall.

Redbridge Council cabinet members agreed to hire a contractor to fit an underground clay wall at Fairlop Plain to mitigate water contamination from landfill.

The construction of the wall is estimated to be around £850,000, with engineer’s costs between £30,000 and £45,000. Every project contract costing above £500,000 must first gain cabinet approval.

Cabinet members have been advised that contamination risk is low, but need to fit a wall to further reduce the chance.

In December 2015, cabinet members agreed to undertake the final phase of gravel extraction at Fairlop Plain, prompting plans to construct the wall.

Pits created through gravel extraction operations carried out on Fairlop Waters in the 1950s and 1960s were backfilled with household waste, which can contaminate ground water. Later gravel extractions were backfilled with inert waste.

The council expects an engineer to be found either this month or next.

Councillor Helen Coomb, cabinet member for regeneration, property and planning, will award the contract.